YOUNG BLOOD   (13 Jan 2009)


Winds of change are blowing in India’s political establishment and have brought in freshness of youth in charge of several state governments. Omar Abdullah in Jammu and Kashmir, Ashok Chavan in Maharashtra and Shivraj Chauhan in Madhya Pradesh are a new generation of young chief ministers. Their selection to lead the respective governments has successfully vindicated commonly heard pleas of bringing youthful leadership to India.

This generation of politicians now gets an opportunity to bring to life their vision of India. Older politicians still occupy too many important chairs in the name of seniority. I agree that the nation needs the experience and guidance from its senior politicians, but a balance will allows India to benefit from the refreshing energy and attitude that a younger class of politicians brings. Madhya Pradesh’s Chauhan has already proved his ability to return to power and now the onus is upon Abdullah and Chavan to satisfy their people with their performance.