Temporary Star   (03 Apr 2009)


Soon after the media spotlight fades away from Varun Gandhi, I hope he will realize the enormity of blunder he has committed at the very beginning of his political career by committing to such an extremist stance. His speech might have evoked certain cheers from his supporters and from sections of his party, but these are all temporary reactions and he should now wait for the day when the senior people of his own party will sideline him. After all, he has two glaring examples in Pravin Togadia and Professor Balraj Madhok, who had taken a similar extremist position and who later found their political ambitions had been cut short by their own party. This is ironic, because for a party with its core at Hindu nationalism, the ascent of Togadia and Madhok on the national political stage should have been a natural occurrence.

What Varun has said in his election speech at Pilibhit is far more vitriolic and therefore damaging than ever said by Prof. Madhok or Togadia. Moreover, even Hindus know fully well that Varun is not a devout Hindu in the first place, and that everything he has said is just a tactic to win this election. That is why even on the eve of elections; LK Advani is trying his best to distance himself from Varun’s remarks. After the elections are over and such extremist vote bank politics is not needed anymore, anyone can imagine what will be the fate of Varun Gandhi.

Varun has become yet another pawn in the high stakes game of communal politics. Sadly, the BJP will never run out of those willing to sacrifice themselves for carrying the BJP’s Hindutva flag.