Stop forgive shoe thrower   (01 May 2009)


This is high time that the practice of forgiving show throwers on public leaders must be stopped. I think there are very few takers of generosity shown by the leaders and the growing nuisance of shoe-hurling must be stopped immediately. It has grown beyond a mere cause of embarrassment and will soon reach a level where even state assemblies or Parliament might witness scenes of independent MLA or MP hurling a shoe at the chair or any other leader. Stringent action must be taken against those caught making this mischief.

I agree with BJP’s Balbir Punj that Prime Minister must not forgive anyone who hurls a shoe at him. The office of Prime Minister is an institution that represents all Indian people, so is the office of Leader of Opposition. Any attempt to throw a shoe at them – that too without any reason other than cheap publicity – must be punished in the severest way possible. Those who try to repeat this act in Legislature must have their membership revoked immediately.