Shy only Vajpayee?   (01 May 2009)


BJP senior leader Jaswant Singh’s latest attempt for damage control over the terrorists’ release during the Kandahar episode is nothing more than a farce. Singh is now only trying to rescue Advani out of this embarrassing decision. Singh has now suddenly remembered that Advani was actually against releasing the terrorists, but had to be convinced by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. So it is Vajpayee who must take more than his fair share of the blame, not Advani who was the home minister and also deputy Prime Minister at that time.

The attempt to drag Vajpayee at the centre of the storm is in extremely poor taste. Vajpayee has been keeping ill for a long time and he cannot even defend himself publicly. But he must be pained to see his own colleagues taking advantage of his illness and reducing him to a political scapegoat.

Jaswant Singh must also explain to the nation why he chose to make this crucial revelation at the eleventh hour. He could have made this statement at any time in the past if he was indeed privy to this truth for all these while. Truth is that BJP made a mistake during the Kandahar episode and instead of owning up to it, admitting it, the party is trying every trick in order to wriggle out of the controversy. The party must introspect and put an end to this ever-growing web of lies.