Dead Bombs   (08 Aug 2008)


The never-ending discovery of live bombs discovered in Surat is more baffling than terrifying. Nobody can deny that it is most likely an act of terror, but the manner in which the bombs have been discovered evokes curiosity more than concern. A total of 28 bombs have been found so far, including two cars full of explosives; but none of them exploded. Many of these bombs have been found in strange locations; some hanging from a tree while others hidden behind hoardings. It is not clear why terrorists would choose these sites to plant these bombs, since midair explosions would not cause much damage to life or property.

Intriguingly, many of these bombs have been discovered on the information of a local activist of a political organization. All bombs discovered look similar and were even packaged in one style. Even the bomb disposal squads seemed to have stopped taking these bombs seriously; squad members were seen on television diffusing some of these bombs without wearing safety jackets. In any case, all bombs were diffused amidst a public spectacle with thousands thronging to witness the act.

There are far too many loose tails in the Surat bombs mystery and the Gujarat government has failed to come up with any logical explanation so far. In my view, the central government should immediately intervene and hand over this case to CBI to probe.