Rajiv Shukla’s ‘Scars of 1947’ chronicles the saga of India’s partition

Renowned politician Rajiv Shukla’s latest publication, ‘Scars of 1947,’ has now hit the shelves, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the heart-wrenching stories of the nation’s division during one of its most tumultuous periods. In this poignant book, the author unveils a compassionate account of the wounds inflicted by the partition, shedding light on the […]

‘The IPL is fatafat cricket’ (17 Mar 2008)

The Rediff Cricket Interview | Rajiv Shukla March 17, 2008 Journalist-turned politician Rajiv Shukla is better know as vice-president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. The director of Bhagwan Allah God (BAG) Films, which wife Anuradha Prasad successfully runs, Shukla has a canny sense of politics. His in-depth knowledge of the political jungle […]