Call of the Wild

Although parliament has passed the new forest bill – giving tribal settlers ownership rights to property in forests – legislation alone is not going to help tribal inhabitants much. What is more important is the implementation of the legislation at the ground level with the involvement and participation of the local population in it. [….]


New Update

Within hours of winning the UP elections, the new Chief Minister Mayawati initiated action against corrupt politicians in the state. In my view, she should come down equally heavily on the main conduits of corruption in the state, namely the senior bureaucrats who worked hand in glove with the politicians[….]


सस्ते पेट्रोल-डीजल से उपभोक्ता खुद दौड़ा लेगा अर्थव्यवस्था- राजीव शुक्ला

सस्ते दामों पर आम लोगों को पेट्रोल डीजल दिया जाता तो आम आदमी खुद देश की अर्थव्यवस्था पटरी पर ले आता। ऐसा होता तो आज देश की अर्थव्यवस्था दौड़ रही होती। यह कहना भी अतिश्योक्ति न होगा कि सस्ता पेट्रोल-डीजल आम आदमी यानी उपभोक्ता को दिया जाये […..]


Rajiv Gandhi knew what Sundar Pichai could do

The idea of New India or India of 21st Century was conceived in the Eighties, the fag end of previous century. Interestingly, it was also a decade of television in the country.  [….]


Bring More Jobs to Save Economy

Shri Rajeev Shukla

Government of India has issued a circular dated 4 September, 2020, in which the creation of new jobs within the Government has been completely stopped. The Circular issued […]


Ahmed Patel and Arun Jaitley — the problem solvers

New Delhi: Within a year, the country’s polity has lost two valuable leaders who hailed from different political parties but were similar in their spirit. First, we lost BJP leader Arun Jaitley and recently,  [….]


Why is 1971 so important!

Rajeev Shukla(The writer is a Former Minister Government of India & ex Chairman IPL)

With the victory in 1971 India had emerged at the global stage as world leader. The Indian leadership had demonstrated to the world that with a [….]