Bring More Jobs to Save Economy

Shri Rajeev Shukla

Government of India has issued a circular dated 4 September, 2020, in which the creation of new jobs within the Government has been completely stopped. The Circular issued by the Finance Ministry suggests that new jobs cannot be created in the government. The circular also says that existing vacancies should also not be filled.

This is a very alarming situation, since country’s economy is already in doldrums.

Our GDP has gone down to -23.9%. ILO (International Labor Organisation) report suggests that 40 crores people are going to be pushed below poverty line. In this situation, if the government shuts its door to the people and stops creating new jobs to support the young generation then who is going to rescue them?

The private sector is also struggling in the current financial situation in the country. The Government is not even helping them with relief like loan waivers,though the Hon Supreme Court is already hearing the matter. The private sector is reeling under pressure created by pandemic lockdown.

The Congress Party demands more vacancies should be created by the government and jobs be given to many more people. The government must create more posts for fresh recruitment and all the pending vacancies must be immediately filled. The government must launch massive employment drive and try to explore all such sectors where opportunities can be created.

Today, Shri Rahul Gandhi JI has already tweeted that how the employment from the people, how the jobs from the people are being taken away and Government is not helping them. So, we are further emphasizing on this issue that Government should create more jobs instead of imposing ban on jobs.

The Government should re-consider the circular.The second part of the circular is suggesting that the Government expenditure in certain areas should be curbed. But there are trivial articles. Issues like the use of papers, the celebrations of foundation day, distributing bags and mementos, should be banned. But, how much are we going to save? Few thousands, few lakhs?

The Government should reconsider all those projects they are running as their publicity tools. Thousands and crores are being spent on such projects.Such projects for the time being should be stopped. If your economy is not able to bear the burden of that kind of projects, you should stop them temporarily and after a while, when your economy improves, you can definitely go for those projects. But, say no to it now.

We are demanding that job opportunities must be increased and stop all the unnecessary projects. Also, all the sanctioned projects with necessary infrastructure must carry on. But all those projects for image building and publicity must be stopped.

There is a data by CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) which is also suggesting that between July, 2017 and June, 2018 in the age bracket of 15-29 years, there was 17.8% unemployment and this is increasing day by day. After announcement of lockdown till 20th August, 2020, 1.89 crore people have lost their jobs.

In my view, if you calculate organized and unorganized sectors both, 12 – 13 crore people have lost their jobs.The Government estimates also confirms that around 2 crore people have lost their jobs. So, I wish to remind here that when BJP was contesting 2014 elections, they promised to create 2 crore jobs every year. The authentic economic data is showing that we have lost 2 crore jobs in just few months. This suggests that economic situation in the country is quite alarming and the Government should step up its effort to revive the economy and save crores of people from being pushed below the poverty line.

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