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pin-up casino

If you choose the licensed casino of India, for example, PIN-UP, then there will be no problems. But you still need to know what fraud was prepared by illegal online casinos.

Frequent types of illegal casino fraud

Most often, illegal gambling halls are covered with signs that this is a proven Indian casino online, but they have been created for a single purpose – it is a player to select money from a player. Typically, such casinos attract large bonuses without deposits and other special offers.

Usually, while the site is gaining an audience, it works as an official casino – honestly for customers and has positive reviews. But over time, players begin to win less often, and payments are becoming increasingly rare. Consider the main types of fraud:

Changed slot machines settings. Usually illegal casino changes slots settings. This can be done solely due to the fact that script content is used. In this case, the game is carried out not on servers of providers, and the operator has access to the software code, so they can change the returrent of 95% up to 0%.

pin-up casino

Not honest bonuses. Fraudsters also offer profitable bonuses Pin Up Aviator, but they cannot be played out. Typically, the deception lies in the fact that the maximum rate is engaged in, the time for wagging, the hard restriction of slot machines for wagging, in which the minimum level of returns is limited.

Refusal on payments. Even if you managed to win in an illegal online casino for money, you can hardly withdraw money. Before the money gets to the card, it will be necessary to provide all the documents, after which they still delay payments for the invented reason or completely block the account.

Hacking accounts. An accurate copy of the official Internet casino is created, which can be distinguished exclusively with a detailed study. A page is usually created so that you “pour” your username and password.

And these are only a few ways of deception that are used by illegal online casinos, so you need to be careful.


If you choose to play the Indian casino as leisure, then you should not pay attention to too generous bonuses or other attractive “chips”. Choose an online casino for money with a license that has been working for several years and have been able to positively prove themselves in the market. Exclusively in this case, you can be sure that you can enjoy the gameplay and replenish your wallet, and not drain everything to the last penny.

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